Bolsas especiales, sacos y petates Intervención

Special bags, Petate Intervention. They are made in PVC and Nylon in various sizes. Fully waterproof and thanks to its closure it is completely waterproof. Indicated to transport the complete equipment large capacity.

Special bags, explosive drawer

EXPLOSIVE CARRIER CASE, Made of pvc and cellular polypropylene, lightweight and with independent protection. It is made to measure according to indications

Advertising Bags

Advertising bags. We have all kinds of backpack, there is something for everyone. But if there is something to highlight about our custom backpacks is its great quality / price

Bags and Thermal Cases

The nylon structure guarantees long durability. The 2 cm polyester coating ensures maximum thermal insulation. Steam outlet system drastically limits the presence of moisture

Backpacks and sports bags

Backpacks and sports bags. They are made in PVC and Nylon in various sizes. Very practical sports bags thanks to its storage compartments and adjustable strap. Base worked to combat moisture and resistant materials.

Emergency Bags

Medical Suitcase of Ambulance and Medical Backpacks. They are made in PVC and Nylon in various sizes. Suitcase prepared according to order appropriate with the characteristics of each intervention.

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