The aerogels: Last generation materials with great isothermal insulating power

Los aerogeles: Materiales de última generación con gran poder aislante isotérmico

The aerogels: Last generation materials with great isothermal insulating power

The aerogels: Last generation materials with great isothermal insulating power

Containment of liquids at very low temperatures

With their excellent insulating properties, aerogels also have an important role in the storage of cryogenic liquids. These are cryogenic fluids, that is, they have to be stored very cold: hydrogen at -253 ° C (-423 ° F) and oxygen at -183 ° C (-297 ° F) to remain liquid. The recently proposed aerogels formulations offer capabilities not only to form cylinders and trapezoids for the transfer and storage of cryogenic liquids, but also to become resistant to environmental corrosion.88

There are many other applications of aerogels in space exploration, including fire-resistant space suits that provide extreme environmental isolation and aero-condensers that would use the surface area of carbon aerogels to improve energy storage devices.99

This technology is not limited to space applications, but it also begins to be used in building insulation and outdoor clothing. Now, you can buy a chic airgel jacket for $ 300! Recently, OROS operated a campaign chaqueta de aerogel chic por $300! Recientemente, OROS operó una campaña

de Kickstarter to support the things of aerogels including jackets, gloves and snow pants, isothermal bags.

Scientists worldwide are working to improve the properties of aerogels. They are using different materials and compositions to form stronger, more flexible and lighter aerogels. Although high production costs still limit the development of aerogels technology, 10 there is no doubt that these incredible materials with amazing properties will be available more broadly in a product you will be using.10 no cabe duda alguna que estos materiales increíbles con propiedades asombrosas serán disponibles más ampliamente en breve en un producto estará usando usted.



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